ZERO: Commission-Free Trading Account

With ZERO account, you can dive into the real market with a minimum initial capital and zero commission. You will be able to get the feel of the market, make trades with the lowest fees and earn real money with trading. ZERO commission-free trading account is a perfect fit for novice traders who are still testing out strategies and those who are only getting their feet wet in investing
ZERO Account Terms:
  • No commission fee charged for currency pairs
  • $100 minimum deposit for forex trading
  • Risk Manager solution to protect your money
  • 1:100 maximum leverage*
  • 0.01 minimum lot size
  • Spread as low as 1.0 pips**
  • Access to educational webinars and content
  • Risk Manager for free!
*You can learn more information about the leverage types with the manager.
**The spread in ZERO account is calculated using the following formula: 10 / pip value based on the last digit (in case of 1 lot) = amount of pips added to the spread. It is added to the ask price and subtracted from the bid. Should the spread increase by an odd number of pips, one pip shall be additionally added to the ask price.